Best Drug Rehab at Passages Malibu

Are you in search of the best drug rehab center? Passages Malibu is the place! It not only provides you with the latest holistic treatments but also the most luxurious setting in the sunny coast of California to get rid of your drug dependencies in complete solitude and peace. Passages Malibu caters to your every need and provides you with your private detox unit. It is situated among many of the grandiose buildings along the sandy coasts of Pacific waters, over an area of 15 acres.

Passages Malibu has been labeled as the best drug rehab many times, and there’s no doubt in it. Healthcare Global ranked Passages Malibu as the number 1 rehab in the world, whereas Forbes voted it as one of the most luxurious places for drug rehab treatment. Passages Malibu is known for its professionalism and for treating their clientele with the utmost respect and privacy and providing them the best of the facilities. From boating docks, tennis courts, and fitness centers, you are provided with all kind of physical exertion activities to help you get in shape and replace your old habits with better ones.

It’s not just the luxurious amenities or recreational facilities, Passages Malibu is known for having a great staff of medical specialists who custom-design your treatment program based upon your situation and your needs. You won’t ever have to go through the humiliating group therapy sessions where you can’t help but feel guilty and ashamed.

At Passages Malibu you are treated with one-on-one therapy sessions held for 60 hours a month, which helps to make you feel at comfort and remove negativity from your mind. Therapists, counselors and medical specialists are always ready to help you find your inner peace and satisfaction and not only achieve sobriety but also establish a deep connection with it.

You need not worry about how long you have been addicted or how worse the addiction is, our team of medical specialists will get to the bottom of your case and help you to get a hold of your life mentally and get rid of the chemical dependencies. Whenever you are ready for all-natural customized rehab treatment in the best drug rehab center, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Meet Chris and Pax Prentiss, Our Founders

Passages Malibu is the ultimate image of the undying love that exists between a father and his son. Pax kept his addiction of alcohol, cocaine, and heroin a secret for a long time and when he finally opened up to his father about it, the two started off on a journey of achieving sobriety and peace which would eventually strengthen their bond even more. Pax soon realized that the conventional treatments were of no use and hence he started searching for holistic treatments, which later led him and his father to establish the best drug rehab by the name of Passages Malibu in 2001.

The reason Passages Malibu stands out among other rehab centers as the best drug rehaband is known for its superb treatments is that it accentuates on positivity when dealing with their clients, instead of labelling them as addicts who would only make them feel ashamed of themselves and extend their suffering. The philosophy of Passages Malibu is based on openness and encouragement to make their clients feel at ease and develop positive attitude.
Chris and Pax found this place to provide an escape for the people who had suffered though the harsh treatments of 12-step programs or AA meetings. Chris and Pax have themselves gone through all of these and understand all the shortcomings of the conventional rehab clinics. Their journey has enabled them to understand the mentality of addiction in a far better way than even some of the doctors. If you want to experience the best drug rehab treatment which is free of any toxic chemicals and doe not brand you with negative labels, then experience that holistic treatments designed for you at Passages Malibu.