Before Passages Malibu

Pax struggled for a whole lot of 10 years with alcohol, heroin, and cocaine before he came clean in front of his father. He kept it hidden from his family while he suffered alone, and in the gist of it he not only lied but also cheated and stole on a regular basis. He only went to his father for help when he realized that the things had gotten way out of his hand and he had lost all of his friends.
At that point, Pax had realized that he was no longer controlling his life and instead it was his addiction which was controlling it. Pax and his father were determined that they could put it all behind them and started for their search of the best drug rehab treatment. They had a long way to go.

The 12-step programs and AA meetings labeled Pax as an “addict” and treated his addiction as a “disease”, which only worsened the situation instead of treating it. Pax felt ashamed and felt even more helpless than before. Even though some of those programs led to short-term sobriety, the inescapable guilt only resulted in relapse later on.

Pax was lucky to have a father like Chris along with his side the whole time to understand him and help him get through everything. After vast research and many experiences, they realized that the conventional methods were of no use and they needed something different. Only positivity, self-realization and respect could treat Pax, instead of the guilt-trips. Hence, they began to search for such a treatment.

Their journey helped them to understand the mentality of addiction in a better way and also understand the society’s point of view regarding all this scenario. Pax and Chris merged the elements of both the Eastern and Western treatments and developed a new holistic treatment which helped to heal not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the mental toll it had on one’s mind. Pax finally realized what the underlying causes of his addiction were and now he could treat them with positive thinking and holistic treatments. He realized that while he was searching for a treatment everywhere in the world, it had been within him aa along.

Right after Pax got rid of his addiction and achieved sobriety, he and his father laid down the foundation of Passages Malibu and established it in 2001 with the aim of helping those in need through their holistic vision. Passages Malibu employs customized personal treatment approach for each of their clients based on their needs because every addiction is different from the other. It was the first rehab center of its kind in California and no doubt one of the best drug rehab centers. Passages Malibu’s unique and different approach bore results, and hence it soon became famous and has now treated thousands of people for their addiction, with the aim of continuing doing so in the future.
Passages Malibu has proved to be a success for Pax and many others, and it will do so for you too. You can learn more about our best drug rehab processes by giving us a call now.