The Holistic Philosophy of Passages Malibu

It not only goes to the rehab centers but also for any organization of the world that it stands only as strong as the principals which guide it; this being the reason that Passages Malibu is known for being the best drug rehab center and excels at what it does. After experiencing various drug rehab centers and their operation, Chris and Pax wanted to do something different which would be more positive and effective. Passages Malibu cares for you and caters you with patience and respect.

Most of the rehab centers are known for mistreatment of clients and disrespecting them for their addiction. It is the fault of the organization itself for negative labeling of the clients as “addicts” and treating their addiction as a “disease.” This promotes a bad attitude even among the medical staff that looks down upon their clients suffering from addiction, whether it’s the hospital emergency room or a 12-step program.

We at Passages Malibu believe that you are just going through a phase of life which can be treated with positive attitude, self-motivation, and natural supplements. Like other rehab centers, Passages Malibu does not prescribe you alternate toxic medicines which are an addiction in its own. We are the best drug rehab center because we treat you with only all-natural and organic medicines and holistic treatments to reconstruct your life in a better way.

The Four Main Causes of Addiction

Addiction is not a disease, and it is wrong to label it as one. It is too complex to be understood easily or treated with mere medicines. Our staffs have extensive experience and are trained professionally to understand your condition and get to the core of your addiction to know what led you in the first place to start using. You need to realize these underlying factors first, to deal with your addiction and learn techniques and skills to overcome it permanently. Once you get to the bottom of your addiction, you’ll realize that the cause of your addiction is one or more of the following: