Passages Malibu: California’s Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Centre

Addiction is not restricted to a certain number of things or ways. While some clients are addicted to toxic substances like cocaine, alcohol, and heroin, etc., some even fall prey to the prescribed medicines when used in the right amounts. They often realize quite late about the addiction when it has gotten a toll on their life, and the situation has gotten way serious. It doesn’t matter how or what you got addicted to because we at Passages Malibu have professional staff and the latest equipment required to relieve you of your addiction of any of the substances:

  • Prescription drugs
  • “Over-the-Counter” drugs
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcohol

Our Holistic Detox Process

Our holistic detox process makes for the best drug rehab treatment. Using the latest diagnostic measures, your condition is first analyzed by a team of nurses to determine the degree of your addiction and based on that decide upon the holistic therapies or treatments which are suitable for you. While your body is being detoxed, a team of medical specialists prepares a personal treatment program based upon you mental and physical condition and your strengths and weaknesses. All the while during your treatment at Passages Malibu, you are allowed to get in contact with your friends and family and meet them anytime you want. We encourage our clients to keep constant contact to make them feel at home.

At Passages Malibu we believe that rehabilitation is a rewarding process as it takes a lot of effort and self-control. We provide you with the most luxurious of the settings, and have nurses by your side 24/7 to help you feel comfortable and at ease while you are going through such a tough process of detoxification. The program is not only intended to improve your physical health but also address the mental issues which are the underlying factors of your addiction; because unless and until those issues are addressed, you can never be completely treated.

One of the special beliefs of Passages Malibu which makes it the best drug rehab center is that organic supplements and holistic therapy modules are all that you need to treat any addiction. There’s no need for addictive, toxic medicines which are just a way to replace one addiction with another. Positive conservations, encouraging attitude, holistic healing, and skill-building exercises can count for a lot of change. This is what Passages Malibu has been doing for the past years, this is what has established the brand name, and this is how we are going to treat you.